This artist prepped canvas is ready to go to Amanda and Dominic's wedding reception September 4th, 2020.  This is a great party and wedding guest activity trend. ( Actually I'm the only one in San Diego who provides this service).  Your guests will add their signature, write you a note, add a stencil, paint a flower...however they choose to show you their love with me providing some guidance and giving them some creative ideas. The artist then takes the guest painting home and gives it some final touches and then it is delivered to you. You may receive it the end of the reception if the artist thinks it good to go! 

Artist pre-painting

Painting is started by artist prior to party or event.

Pre-painting guest instructions

Pre-painting and guest instructions on the meaning of the painting and how they can add their own messages or creative touches to the couples painting.

Ready for the guest art fun

Painting is set-up with all the brushes, pastels, stencils, smock and paints

Guests begin to add their own designs and messages.

The finished masterpiece

Painting is taken home at the end of the event to finish the masterpiece and then presented to special honoree.

Painting at end of event prior to artist's finishing touches

During and after photos to be posted after September 6th, 2020!