As we leave 2020 with a sigh of relief.... and babies, babies, babies!

One thing I've noticed going into April is baby showers galore. Hmmmmm. Let's see what the possible generation names may be for 2020-2021 babies. I'll get into baby names later. It's lol!

Generation C

Generation Q

Quaranteenies- in their teen years





Another thing I've noticed is the baby showers are last minute planned showers. That may be due to the fact that the 2020 showers had to be postponed and April 2021 is becoming a comfortable month to put those showers back on the calendar. Uncertainty in the safety of public gathering is still on the minds of mothers-to-be are starting to ease but the due date is right around the corner. You want a baby shower before the baby arrives and you had to wait. Now you can have your baby shower!

With that, I have planned baby showers within weeks. I love baby showers and because I've stayed in contact with my resources I can pull an amazing party- not just a baby shower together in weeks if not days.

Do not wait and contact me for my baby shower ideas and planning timeline.


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